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Independent Living

What is Independent Living?

If you’re searching accessible bathrooms and have come across the term “Independent Living”, you may be feeling slightly confused. Don’t worry, it’s simply what we call our range of accessible bathroom products.

As you read through this article, you’ll discover exactly what Independent Living is, what it means in terms of mobility and disability, and how it can help you, your family and your friends live the lives you want to lead.

What is Independent Living?

Independent Living is a term that is used in relation to people with restricted mobility, whether through disability or old age. Scope, one of the UK’s largest disabled charities, defines Independent Living as “having choice and control over all aspects of your life”.

So, in a general sense, Independent Living means choosing where you want to live and how you spend your time, including the activities you participate in. This can include anything from work to study, and sports to leisure. There is even an Independent Living Institute , which promotes the self-determination of people with disabilities.

What does Independent Living mean to you?


Independent Living can be viewed as a logical first step on a sliding scale of elderly care. Assisted living would be the next step

If you lack mobility due to old age