Bathroom Design

<h2> Subway tiles</h2> are as popular as ever in designer bathrooms. There’s a reason they’re so beloved in the design world: They’re durable, classic, endlessly versatile, and insanely affordable—especially compared to other bathroom surface materials. Whether you want to go for a bold colour, create contrast with grout, play with pattern, or keep it simple, the limit does not exist. So we’re spotlighting the trend that’ll never die with 15 chic bathrooms that feature subway tile, from modern to quirky and traditional styles. Keep reading to choose which subway tile bathroom idea you want to recreate (warning: You probably won’t want to choose just one, so hopefully you’re redoing a few bathrooms).

1. Keep It Classic

Subway tiles are beloved for their timelessness, so keep things classic with a white repeating bond pattern. In this bathroom design, the tiled wall will lend itself to a variety of styles as trends come and go and taste changes.


2. Switch Up Your Colors



See how cool multi-colored subway tiles can look? A background of vibrant yellow tiles framed by cream subway tiles is a guaranteed way to make a sunny statement in the bathroom. We’re loving matching pendant lights over the double sinks, too, in this bathroom designed by Hecker Guthrie.

3. Protect Your Wallpaper

We love the mix of styles in this bathroom design. There’s the whimsy of the wallpaper, the classic floor times, subway tiles, and marble, and the contrasting rustic accent stool. One thing to keep in mind when decorating with wallpaper in the bathroom is how well it will resist splashing and moisture. See if you can print your favorite pattern on vinyl or another substrate that’s more resistant to water, or simply keep it out of splashing range in a bathroom that gets a lot of traffic.

4.Use a Dark Grout