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BWT Luxury Water softener 14 litre with installation kit


Product Information:

  • 5 year parts, 2 year labour guarantee
  • Luxury water keeps your bathroom and shower sparkling clean
  • Free installation check by BWT at your home
  • Low salt reminder
  • Adjustable level of water softness
  • Low voltage control system for safety, and easy installation
  • Standard plumbing fittings throughout mean no need to source extra or special fittings
  • Flexible pipes make final connections simple and straight forward
  • Low voltage / transformer plug negates the need for an electrician in the majority of cases
  • Electronic control allows this one unit to cover a wide range of household sizes


BWT Luxury Water softener 14 litre with standard 15mm installation kit

If you live in a hard water area, this 14 litre luxury water softener with installation kit from BWT is the ideal, efficient solution to protect your home from limescale build-up.

This high quality water softener will help prolong the life of your washing machine and dishwasher, maintain the efficiency of your central heating system and can reduce the amount of shampoo, conditioners, soaps and detergents you use by up to 50%. You will even notice that your laundry feels noticeably softer to the touch.

The BWT water softener is supplied with either a standard 15mm installation kit for use with a standard or gravity fed cold water system, or a 22mm installation kit, which us suitable for combi boilers and pressurised water systems.

Generally, your unit will be installed under the sink in the kitchen and will fit into a 600mm cabinet. We recommend that the water softener is installed by a qualified installer. BWT will even send an engineer to check your unit has been installed correctly, free of charge.

BWT Luxury Water® is kinder to your skin and doesn’t wash away essential body oils leaving your skin feeling softer. Softened water is safe to drink, but we still recommend that you fit a filtered drinking water tap in your kitchen directly onto your cold water supply prior to your new BWT softener installation, providing you with fresh tasting water straight from the tap. Softened water is not suitable for consumption by babies and people on a sodium controlled diet.


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