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Cut Sample Warmup 3iE underfloor heating thermostat piano black


Cut Sample Warmup 3iE underfloor heating thermostat piano black

  • 3 year manufacturers warranty*
  • Self-learning technology tells you when to turn on to achieve the perfect temperature
  • Control usage for all rooms with up to 10 programmable heating schedules
  • Works with all underfloor heating systems
  • Energy-monitoring helps you control and manage your energy usage and costs
  • Large full colour touchscreen and clear graphical display

Warmup 3IE underfloor heating thermostat piano black

With the Warmup 3iE thermostatic controller for your underfloor heating system, the power is firmly in your hands. Set up to 10 different heating schedules per day for quick and accurate temperature settings for individual rooms.

Featuring a piano black casing, easy-to-use interface and a smart, self-learning capability, the 3iE controller can even tell you when to turn the power on, to achieve your desired temperature by a specific time.

Designed for use with all Warmup underfloor heating systems (electrical up to 16A), it can achieve unrivalled accurate floor temperature control of +/- 0.5°C.

For ultimate peace of mind, this underfloor heating thermostatic controller is BEAB Approved and CE marked, meeting the highest safety standards. It comes complete with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty, with the option to upgrade to lifetime warranty.


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