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Vanity unit and counter top basin bottle trap


Product Information:

  • Manufactured from mixed materials
  • Height: 155mm – 260mm
  • Diameter: 65mm;
  • Length: 155mm (including outlet)
  • For use with 32mm push fit and solvent weld pipe
  • 105mm telescopic range on inlet (H = 155mm to 260mm)
  • An essential for use with countertop and furniture mounted basins


Vanity unit and counter top basin bottle trap

If you’ve opted for the stylish finish of a countertop or furniture-mounted basin, this telescopic basin trap is an essential component. Conforming to BS EN 274, at a flow rate of 36 litres per minute, it will ensure your basin drains quickly and efficiently.

Manufactured from quality plastics, this trap has been constructed to be hard wearing, and because we’re completely confident, we will guarantee it for an entire year.

If you’re looking for more quality bathroom components, take a look at our accessories pages where you will find everything you need to get everything plumbed in.



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