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Warmup 3iE underfloor heating thermostat classic cream


  • Large full colour touchscreen and clear graphical display
  • Works with all underfloor heating systems
  • Control usage for all rooms with up to 10 programmable heating schedules
  • Self-learning technology tells you when to turn on to achieve the perfect temperature
  • Energy-monitoring helps you control and manage your energy usage and costs
  • 3 year manufacturers warranty*

Warmup 3IE underfloor heating thermostat classic cream

Compatible with all Warmup underfloor heating systems, the 3iE thermostatic controller in classic cream offers unrivalled accuracy for your floor temperature, of between 0.5°C.

With up to 10 programmable periods each day, you can quickly and accurately control energy and heat usage in any room where you have underfloor heating. Featuring a self-learning capability, this controller will tell you when to switch the power on, to achieve a certain temperature by a specific time.

Featuring an easy user interface, with the Warmup 3iE, there’s no need to consult any complicated manuals.

CE marked and tested to EN 60730-1:2000 and EN 60730-2-9-2010, it is BEAB approved for added reassurance. It comes complete with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty with the option to upgrade to lifetime warranty.


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